Keller guitar workshop now based in Trier

18.12.2018 16:34

My guitar workshop in Erlangen, which I have been running there since the 70s, is moving. The workshop is now in Trier Ehrang.

Of course I am still available for the guitar players from Bavaria, but unfortunately they would have to send their musical instruments to Trier.

My guitar construction company Kellergitarrenbau will now be based in Trier Ehrang from January 2019 on. I would like to thank my customers in Erlangen for their long years of loyalty and would be pleased to welcome them to my guitar workshop in Trier.

Of course you can also bring your guitars to Trier for their repair. Still the new building of guitars and jazz guitars is my main field of activity.

Keller Gitarrenbau
Master guitar maker: Alphonse J. Keller
Ehranger Str. 196
54293 Trier

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