Keller Gitarrenbau Werkstatt in Tier Ehrangen
Keller Guitars was conceived at the end of the 60s with the aim of offering musicians sound optimized, easily playable quality instruments at affordable prices.

  • In the 70s mainly historical Renaissance and Baroque instruments,
  • in the 80s also as consultant and developer for the music industry,
  • in the 90s concentration on the American steel string guitars of the American "Golden Era "

Even today I still feel committed to this original concept:
a symbiosis of traditional European craftsmanship, modern techniques and high-tech materials, such as sandwich structures with aramid honeycombs, the use of strategically placed carbon fibre composites, etc., to increase sound dynamics, stability and longevity. All instruments are constructed from my extensive pool of -at least 20 years matured- selected tonewoods, which I have brought back from extensive journeys all over the world.